Thick Lines

3D Renderer - Wire-frame lines with many options and who can use any 2D Layer as map

Advanced lines renderer, allowing to do easy line tracing Note that you have a selector inside of the sprites points renderer, it act more or less as a 3D Mask and allow you to choose which part of the image inside your line will be displayed where and when.
In this example, as the map of the tick line (a checkerboard) is displayed along Horizontal UV coordinates following a linear function in repeat mode. Then changing it's offset will result in making the checkerboard rotating along the circle.

Here is a little video to show you how to do line tracing (stroke) on a .svg file. This can be done on any spline by the way :


  • Blending Mode: How this thick lines gets blended
  • Renderer Depth Settings: Depth-buffer related settings
  • 2D Generator: Select the 2D Generator
  • Thickness of the line
  • Make line size independent from camera position
  • Changing that parameter can solve some of the glitches you may encounter
  • Miter limit of the thick lines
  • 3D Mask: Texture coordinates of the map
  • Texture repetitions of the map
  • Texture offset of the map


Standard Presets: Barbwire, Bramble and Uniform

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