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2D Generator

The part of a 2D layer that generates the image

This category groups generators of 2D images.
Those generators are at the core of 2D Layer, since they generate the source image , i.e. the image on which subsequent modifiers and renderer will operate.
Most 2D Generators are either file-based generators ( Image Layer, Video File), or procedural generators ( e.g. Uniform, Linear Gradient and Noise layer) and some other generators such as Video Input.
Here is the full list of generator categories:
  • Compo: Can contain many layers and has the same behavior as a layer (resolution / ratio)
  • File-based generators: External files. Create them in the tree by drag and dropping files (absent from creation menu)
  • Generators based on functions: Use Function to generate images
  • Gradient generators: Use color gradients to generate images
  • Lens Flare: A versatile lens flare generator with a few presets to start
  • Procedural Noise generators: Pretty obvious name
  • Shader-based generators: Procedural shaders such as Checker Board or Brick
  • 2D Text: I don't remember what that is, sorry you'll have to test by yourself


File-based generators:

Image Layer - Generate a still image

Exr Image Layer - Referenced Exr File

Video File - Generate an animated image by playing a video file. Play it either with it's Transport or from a Timeline (by drag n dropping the layer inside it)

Cube Map File - Generate an image from a Cube Map

Reference - Reference a compo in another compo

Substance layer - Extract one layer from a .sbsar Substance material

Gradient generators:

Gradient - Generate a gradient parameterized by a shape and color gradient

Linear Gradient - This generator creates a linear gradient (by default from black to white), from top to bottom

Radial Gradient - This generator creates a linear gradient (by default from black to white), in a circle from the center to the edges of the layer

N-Points Gradient - Create gradient from multiple points

Procedural Noise generators:

Noise layer - Generate a possibly animated noise image

White Noise layer - Generate a White Noise

Shader-based generators:

Uniform - Generate a solid, uniform image, filled with a unique color

Checker Board - Generate a checkerboard

Brick - Generate a brick pattern

Mandelbrot Fractals - Generate a Mandelbrot fractal

Dots - Generate a dot grid

Shader Generator - Create your own shader with mathematical beautifulness in OpenGL Shading Language through the Shader Editor

Shader Toy Generator - Copy past your favourite shader from ShaderToy to the smode Shader Editor. Seems like a dream ?'s Smode...

ISF Generator - Use Interactive Shader Format (ISF) files or code them into Smode to create your own effects

Generators based on functions:

Function Curve - Generate a gradient curve from a function

Radial Function - Display a radial shape defined by a Function

Lens flare generator:

Lens Flare - A bright light (optical aberration effect)

Text Generator:

2D Text - Generate a text image with custom colors, font and justification.

Signal Testing:

Glitch - Generate alternating black and white frames

Test Pattern - Generate a Test Pattern

Texture retrieval from inputs:

Video Input - Extract the image from a Video Input Device

Parent Input layer - Use the video/image used as Input of it's parent modifier


Compo - Composite 2D Layer, Shape layer and 3D Layer together. [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] to create a new composition after opening Smode


Mentioned: 2D Layer, Image Layer, Linear Gradient, Noise layer, Uniform, Video File and Video Input.