3D Transform

3D Modifier - Change every vertex position using scale, rotate and translate transformations

The 3D equivalent of the 2D Transform but in 3D. Work the same way. It's only goal is to transform an existing geometry (rotate / scale and position). there is 2 primary uses of this modifier : - Simplify 3d animation by using this modifier to switch between 2 animation states (with it's intensity) - Use with a 3D Mask : it as a different version of the Displace. For instance, on a plane, as all normals goes in the same direction, better to use this one than a Displace as 3D transform is way more versatile.
Here is an example of a plane scale, translated and rotated with an eight-map from Smode Standard Pack next the a one displaced with the same map:

In this tutorial you'll see how to use it in 2 min to create a mountain. As the following video is quite old, inside of it this modifier was named "Place"...Sorry for that
In this video "place" IS "3D Transform"


  • Normals smoothing of the 3d transform
  • 3D Anchor: Anchor of the 3d transform
  • 3D Position: Translation of the 3d transform
  • Rotation of the 3d transform
  • 3D Size in Floating point number: Scale of the 3d transform


Advanced Presets: 3D noise scale

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