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Video File

2D Generator - Generate an animated image by playing a video file. Play it either with it's Transport or from a Timeline (by drag n dropping the layer inside it)

/!\ NEVER duplicate a video file inside of your Compo./!\

As seeking through the same file in different times is a hard drive killer and may generate important performances losses at Compo re-opening.
-If you want to use a Video several times, then uses a Group 2D Renderer and add renderer (simply select the video layer and [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [A] ) or use a Shared Element
-If you want to use a video file with delay, you can use a Frame Delay which will be exhausting and non recommended for your peace of mind. Or uses some sprite-sheets tricks. But the simplest way would be to duplicate your file on your drive.

- You can also use a video profiler over a video. Go check the Use optimisation tools to accelerate a composition topic in the How To section for further informations.
- To enhance Time remapping, go check that chapter inside of the Track Block part of the documentation.


  • File ( Video (with or without Audio) File Selector): File
  • Audio Layer Index of the audio stream in the file (-1 for none by default. Can be used to change the audio source (language, track... ). Should not be confused with the concept of channels (Left, Right...) video file
  • Video Layer Index of the video stream in the file (zero by default, can be used to change the video source (Camera, track... )video file
  • Transport ( Transport): Transport
  • Thread Count Number of CPU threads reserved to decode the compressed video stream.
  • Frame Blending Blends previous and next frame of the video to avoid stuttering when fps is less or not a multiple of the display fps. Add GPU costs.
  • Streamer Settings ( Streamer Settings): Streamer settings of the video file.


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