Create and import 3D file into LED Fixture

Design your own LED structure

1 - Create and export your 3D files

2 - Import into Smode

Go to your media directory and select your 3D Model. Simply drag and drop it into your Stage 3D modeling of the real-world video setup Read More .
choose the option "Import as Fixtures"
Smode will parse and read your 3D model and will automatically create Led Fixture Type Define a type of single LED Read More or Strip Fixture Type Define a type of strip LEDs Read More into Fixture Definitions A dedicated Bank to store your fixtures Read More .
Depending of the complexity of your 3D Model, this operation might take a while.
Smode will also create Stage Elements Group Group multiple stage elements together Read More that contain all of the generated Single Fixture A reference of Fixture Type Read More .
Your are now ready for Led Mapping on a complex structure!

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