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2D Modifier - Motion blur effect with configurable feedback loop

The feedback's principle is to combine the current input image with its own previous output.
A particularity of Smode is that you can tweak this feedback loop by applying any chain of modifiers on it. Here are three presets of feedbacks using this principle:


Side Trails V

Glass FX

You can also do pretty advanced effects with this modifier, check this tutorial to be in awe in face of it's glory :
Watch directly on youtube


  • Modifiers (List of 2D Modifiers): Modifiers of the feedback
  • Blending Mode ( Blending Mode): How this feedback gets blended
  • Source Level Source level of the feedback
  • Feedback Level Feedback level of the feedback
  • Skip Frames Skip frames of the feedback


Standard Presets: Light Paint I, Light Paint II, Trails and Trails II.

Advanced Presets: Cellular motion (use on layer with alpha), Cellular Motion 2 (use on layer with alpha), 70's Jouney, Bacteria, Diffusion Reaction, Diffusion Reaction II, Diffusion Reaction II Fluid, Drosting I, Drosting II, Drosting III, Far Horison, Far Trailer, Far Trailer II, Flasher, Glass FX, Glass FX II, Glow Motion, Limbo, Rainbow Trails, Red Trails, Rotate Zoomer, Sharpen Trail, Side Trail H, Side Trail V, Smoke, Smoke II, Swirling Motion, Swirling Motion II, Un Zoomer, You Killed My Eyes and Zoomer.


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