Shader Toy Generator

2D Generator - Copy past your favourite shader from ShaderToy to the smode Shader Editor. Seems like a dream ?'s Smode...

This feature is only available in the current beta version of Smode and is not yet officialy supported.

To import a Shader simply copy / Paste from shader toy and use Medias as Channels.
Press [Ctrl] + [Enter] at any time in order to compile the shader.
Go check the Shader Toy website for awesome shaders:
For the "simple" shaders, just copy-past the shader toy code into Smode Shader Editor (here is a most beautiful "simple" example made by Leon):

For more complex shaders (with Image channels and Buffers), just import the Image Layer into one of the channel with ALT+drag and drop.
For the buffers, you can replace one of the Smode iChannel by a shader toy generator which will act as a buffer:

Here are the main variables you can expose inside of a Shader Toy Layer :


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