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Depth of Field (Legacy)

2D Modifier - Depth of field effect

Use the composition depth buffer in order to create a depth of field. This modifier use the focus distance of the Camera
You can vizualize the depth of field with colors by checking this option:

Go check Legacy Blur part of the documentation for further details about the parameters.


  • Visualize Layers Colorize the depth to visualize each "layer" of the depth of field (legacy)
  • Blur Layer Visualization Give a precise view of the Blur region area
  • Focus Parameters Focus parameters of the depth of field (legacy)
  • Near Blur ( Blur): Near blur transition
  • Far Blur ( Blur): Far blur transition


Standard Presets: Sharp Foreground, Sharp focal, Sharp focal Softer and Sharp Foreground 2.

Advanced Presets: Drunk Depth Of Field, Frozen Depth Of Field, Light Depth Of Field, Radial Depth Of Field and Standard Depth of Field.


Mentioned: Camera and Legacy Blur.