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Lens Flare

2D Generator - A bright light (optical aberration effect)

Scroll through the presets to finds a lens flare that suits you.
You can place the flare by changing its start and end points. To do that, you can either go to its parameters, or select the flare in the Element Tree and go to edit mode (see below).

Here is what a lens flare looks like in the Element Tree:

It is composed of lights and trails:
  • a light is a single layer positioned along the segment of the flare
  • a trail is composed of multiple instances of a layer positioned along the segment of the flare (see below)


  • Segment The start and end positions of the flare.
  • Flares (List of Lens Flares): The different elements of the flare (lights and trails), visible in the Element Tree.


Standard Presets: Default Flare, Default Flare Light and Default Flare Octogonal.

Advanced Presets: Dirt Flare Horizontal, Dirt Flare Thin Light, Dirt Flare Thin Light II, Horizontal Blue, Horizontal light, Horizontal light 2, Horizontal light 3, Horizontal light II, Red Bright, Sun Glare, Sun Glare 2, Sun flare and Sun flare God Rays.


Mentioned: Element Tree.