Animation track of an element / parameter inside the Timeline editor or the Function Editor

Contain Track Block, go check that part of the doc.


  • Target of the track (Read Only)
  • List of Track Blocks: Blocks of the track

Parameters common to all Elements

  • Activation State: The loading status of the track. It can be loaded , enabled by not loaded or unloaded
  • Activation State: The activation status of the track. It can be active , enabled by not active or inactive
  • Associate a color label to your track to make it easily locatable
  • Activate this to keep only this track active and hide all other tracks in same location
  • Activation State: The editabiliy status of the track. It can be locked directly , locked indirectly or editable
  • Element: Select a preset to apply on the track
  • Warnings and errors associated to this track

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