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2D Modifier - Move each pixel in a direction given a distortion map

This modifier displaces pixels based on a different direction for each pixel.
It looks a bit similar to a 2D Transform masked by a Noise mask, but with a 2D Transform each pixel has the same distortion applied to it, which is then modulated by the mask. Here, every pixels chooses its own direction based on the map. See the difference for yourself:


  • Displacement Map ( 2D Generator): Select the 2D Generator used as displacement map
  • Map Type choose between height map (grey-scale map) and normal map
  • Map Scale (2D Size in Floating point number): Scale of the map
  • Distance Distance of the distortion applied to each pixel
  • Rotation Rotate the direction of the distortion applied to each pixel


Advanced Presets: Curtains, Popping Dots, Shattered Glass, Turbulent Displace, Water Ripples, Water Ripples II and Water Ripples III.


Mentioned: 2D Generator, 2D Transform and Noise mask.