Content Map

This section describes how to set up your content maps and use Content Area

A content map is just the canvas in which you will put your content before mapping it into the stage surfaces. To create a new content map, right click inside of the Pipeline editor just as showed on the image below :

Every parameter of a content map is directly accessible through the pipeline editor :

Do not forget to check the input signal is on medias (first icon) to received the images from the Show.
In the case of Content Map and Content Area, the color label option is quite useful as it is reported inside the Show and allow to have a better visualisation of the layers targets:

To delete a content map, you can do it easily through the full setup view (right tab).
You can also set a content map to be a default target, to do that, right Click on the content map and set it as Default Target:

Go check the Content Area section to see how you can divide and organize your content maps in a more effective way.


Content Area - Organize your content maps

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