Attribute Modifiers

Modifiers: Change "per vertex" attributes (Most effective with points renderer)

Theses 3D Modifier modify properties of each vertex of the geometry, you can modulate the intensity of modification using a 3D Mask.

These modifiers allow you to modify your 3D set up with parameters that extend your creativity through time and space. As you'll see in the Parameters editor, almost all of them are constructed in the same way. The only differences between them is the vertex attribute that is concerned: scale, rotation, color, UV, etc. . Most of the attribute modifiers modifiers use a combination of 3D Mask and functions to enable controlling any parameter over time, space, texture coordinates, velocity or pure randomness .
Some attributes like age, or generation are only available in Particles
Here are some examples of Attribute modifiers applied to a simple Particles system:

- Linear

- Age

- CheckerBoard on UV

- Ease In Preset

- Ease Out Preset

- Sinusoidal Function

- Ease In Preset using Age as

- Ease In Preset using Linear as

- Flicker using Age as

- Flicker using Linear as

- Ease Out Preset using Age as

- Using Group ID as

Here is a little demonstration of what can be done with some images and mesh primitives combined with a UV Camera Mapping:


Colorize - Colorize all the vertex of the geometry uniformly

Colorize Function - Colorize all vertex of the geometry using a gradient and a 3D Mask

Colorize Layer - Colorize geometry vertices with a 2D Generator

Opacity - Change the opacity of the geometry vertices using an input attribute

Point Attributes - Define points color, scale and rotation functions

Point Rotate - Rotate all vertices of geometry

Point Rotate Function - Rotate all vertices of geometry using Function with a selector (equivalent to 3D Mask)

Point Scale - Scale all vertices of geometry

Point Scale Function - Scale all vertices of geometry using Function with a selector (equivalent to 3D Mask)

UV Mapping - Remap UV of a mesh using simple mappings (Cylindrical / planar / orthographic / perspective)

UV Camera Mapping - Remap UV of a mesh using a Camera

UV Transform - Scale / Rotate / repeat / translate UV of a geometry

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