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3D Group

A Group of 3D Layer

[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [G] to group Layers together
A 3D group allow you to Organize a composition and move several 3D Layer altogether. On the difference of a Compo, a 3D Group has no resolution and no Blending Mode.
Group can also be made out of many different elements in Smode always with the same manipulation. Go see Group 3D Renderer or Light Group for instance.

. Some Hints with 3D Groups :
-To group Camera you must first create a 3D group with a right click and then put your Camera Inside.
-Note that some 3D Layer like Special Layers, as they got no 3D Placement will be grouped under a 2D Group instead of a 3D Group.
-If you want to group objects in order to apply a global 3D Modifier over them, then go check the Group Generator part of the documentation.



3D: NEW - Import FBX multi-material objects.compo.


Group Generator - Allow to group 3D Generator together in order to apply a 3D Modifier or a 3D Renderer on many different Mesh

Light Group - A Group of Light

3D modifier Group - A Group of 3D Modifier

3D masks Group - A Group of 3D Mask


Mentioned: 2D Group, 3D Layer, 3D Modifier, 3D Placement, Camera, Compo, Group 3D Renderer, Group Generator, Light Group and Special Layers.