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Color Balance

2D Modifier - Do a color balance discriminating Shadow Midtones Highlight Tones

This modifier uses a Color Tone Function to allow you to adjust color levels on different ranges of the color Tone.
The same effect of discriminative color adjustments can be done in a more versatile but less practical with any Color Modifiers masked by a Color mask set as a Tone Balance color selector.


  • Shadows Shadows of the Input media
  • Midtones Midtones of the Input media
  • Highlights Highlights of the Input media
  • Preserve Luminosity Preserve luminosity of the color balance


In same group: Temperature, Vibrance, Exposure, Grayscale, Invert, Tritone, Red Green Blue, Brightness Contrast Gamma and Hue Saturation Luminance. Mentioned: Color Modifiers and Color mask.