Solidify Path

3D Modifier - Transform lines in shapes given by splines

This one is the revert brother of Extrude Shape Solidify will construct a geometry around the generator edge. We could say that Tube Lines is more or less a solidify modifier with a circle shape

You can also of course solidify a 3D text, which make 3 methods along with Extrude Shape and Triangulate. Hint : If you do so over a 3D 3D Text, change this inside of it's parameters for better results.

When placed over a mesh, you'll see some glitches. We are aware of that but that's life.


  • 3D Generator: Shape in which the edges of the object will be transformed
  • Shape winding order of the solidify path


Standard Presets: Solidify Path - Circle, Solidify Path - Rectangle and Solidify Path - Star

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