Cue Transport - Thing that can be played out of a Timeline or Function Cue and that doesn't need to be inside an Animation Bank

Is expressed in "hours:minutes:seconds: frames ".
As smode is in 50 frames/seconds by default, this means that to have a 0.5sec transport cue you'll have to type "25" (as for 25 frames).
To type quickly inside of a transport, here is some hints :
"" : "1hour:2minutes:3seconds:4frames"
"1" : 1 frame
"1." : "1second"
"1.." : "1minute"
"1..." : "1hour"

Buttons on the transport:
  • Move to start and stop playback
  • Play
  • Pause (stop playback but keep current position)
  • Move to end and stop playback

If a Layer has a transport, this mean that it has a way to be independently animated. Go see Standalone Player for more precisions.
This kind of layer can be a Noise layer, an ISF Generator, or a Video File.

When a layer is played as standalone, a little player will appear just below it :


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