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Description Tool

Tool - Add an author and description field to your compo

This tool helps you annotate your compos and documents with a simple description and author fields.
Even here it's topic is used to describe that part of the documentation:

It is accessible through the right click menu:


  • Author Enter your author name here, it can be your real name or something more extravagant like "BGdu78" or "Charles-Eude de Monpensant".
  • Description Add a description here. You can talk about anything you want; your compo, annotate an element, explain a part of your tree, raise questions, answer them or have a talk about life. Just about anything!


2D: N-Point Gradient.compo, Radial Mask.compo and Video Input (with Compo Based Modifier).compo.

3D: FBX with modifiers.compo.

Misc: Audio extraction.compo.