Posistage Net-PSN

Use PosistageNet values in Smode

Create and configure

First, go to the prefernce (F11) and create a new PosistageNet control device. You should receive datas like this:
Then, use the learn function to connect a 3D Position A position in 3D space stored in meters Read More of a layer. A pop-up appears:
Click "Yes" in order to control the delta time of position prediction inside the Interpret Speed Not fully implemented Read More modifier.
Your links might be configured like this:

Simulate PSN in Smode

Before going on set, you can have a look at PSN values using a simulation software that can be downloaded here:
Then, go to the folder bin/win64 and run the psn_server.exe program. It will broadcast datas that can get back into Smode. Thanks to that, you'll have a better look at the type of datas that are sent through a PSN protocol.

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