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2D Modifier

Modify a 2D image

Be very attentive to the modifiers order in your chain of modifiers. A modifier always modify what it got as input.
This category groups modifiers of 2d images. Those modifiers concern nearly every aspect of the image from colorimetry and geometry transformations to advanced stylisation effects.
To add a 2D modifier to a layer, right click on this layer and select menu Modifiers . It is also possible to add global 2D modifiers on the composition you are working on. For this, use the main menu of the compo and select Modifiers .
Note that all 2d modifiers only impact the content of images, but they do preserve the resolution and aspect ratio of those images. Placement of images on screen and resolution-dependent effects are respectively described in 2D Placement / 2D Renderer and 2D Renderer Effect. Theses modifiers are divided in the following categories and can all be modulated through 2D TextureMask:

Here is a little schematic of all the 2D modifiers accessible through the menu:


  • Intensity Intensity of the 2d modifier: 0% = the image is not modified, 100% = the image is fully modified
  • Masks (List of 2D TextureMasks): A list of 2D TextureMask that modulate the application of this 2d modifier


Color Modifiers - Change pixels color

Distort Modifiers - Change pixels coordinates

Stylize modifiers - Change pixels color and coordinates doing several operations, can generate sprites

Blur Modifiers - Create samples to create blur effects

Utility Modifiers - Utility Tools to generate hybrid and complex operations.

ISF Modifier - Modify a Composition with an Interactive Shader Format (ISF) modifier


Mentioned: 2D Placement, 2D Renderer, 2D Renderer Effect and 2D TextureMask.