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3D Renderer

Displays a 3D geometry

This section of the documentation is about the different renderers used to display 3d geometries.

They are classed in 3 categories :

Surface : Display a surface on 3D Generator constituted of triangles
Lines : Display lines on 3D Generator having splines informations
Points : Display the points (vertex) of any 3D Generator

Some of the Smode primitives will be able to be displayed only by certain types of renderers (such as Splines or Particles). Hopefully some Operator Modifiers allows you to use any renderer on any geometry. Like generating faces and lines on Particles systems with the Connect Points.
But here is a little schematic to explain that properly :


  • Opacity Opacity of the 3d renderer
  • Effects (List of Fragment Modifiers): Effects of the 3d renderer
  • Blending Mode ( Blending Mode): How this 3d renderer gets blended
  • Depth Buffer ( Renderer Depth Settings): Depth-buffer related settings
  • Auto Illuminate Auto illumination of the 3d renderer, no more illumination from lights, useful for camera mapping with UV Camera Mapping for instance


Point renderers:

Simple Points - A light renderer to display points and look like a square

Sprite Points - Display point using any kind of 2D Layer as map

Ball Points - Display points of a geometry with spheres

Box Points - Display points of a geometry with Boxes

Vertex Referential - Display normal, tangents ans bi-tangents of geometry's vertices

Line renderers:

Wireframe Lines - Simple wire-frame Lines with not much options

Thick Lines - Wire-frame lines with many options and who can use any 2D Layer as map

Tube Lines - Generate tubes over geometry edges

Surface renderers:

Surface - Display geometry's triangles as a surface

PBR Surface - Surface Physically-based rendering

Triplanar Mapping - Define a mixture of one / three or six textures corresponding to the X, Y and Z local axis.

Gradient Colorizer - Apply a Color Gradient to colorize fragments according to a Geometry Mask Preset

3D Texture - Define colors via a native 3D Texture

Geometry Mask Preset - Simple presets of 3D Mask

Substance PBR Surface - Surface PBR renderer defined by .sbsar file

Surface renderers:

Multiple Renderer - Combine and adjust the way you organize a chain of modifiers and you display your geometry


Group 3D Renderer - Group several 3D Renderer


Mentioned: 3D Generator, Connect Points, Operator Modifiers and UV Camera Mapping.