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Create a full multi LED pipeline from scratch

Send content into multiple led screens

The objective here is to create a full setup allowing to send content from the Show into pixel maps defined into multiple outputs.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will take a study case in which we have two outputs in HD and a control monitor in WQHD (2560x1440).
Into theses two HD outputs we are going to fit several led screens with various resolutions.
This way of creating a diffusion pipeline into Smode has been used numerous times through TV show or spectacular events.

This Pipeline creation allows to:
- Ease creation process with well organized content maps and stage pre-vizualisation
- Create pixel mapped outputs to make the bridge between the creation setting (content maps) and the diffusion process (Processors)
- Show in-context pre-vizualisation to clients
- Display gap-less content on several screen thanks to Content Mapping

Here is what will be reviewed during this process:
- Configure Video Output Device
- Create a new Project and build Content Map and Content Area
- Create Processor to create the pixel map from the content maps with Pipeline Layer
- Connect the Processors to the video Outputs
- Create a 3D Stage simulation
- Create a stage pre-visualization with the Processor you can connect to an output
- Use a 3D Camera Mapping to display seamless content and open some door to interactive design

At the end of this tutorial you'll see a little video of the whole process to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Watch directly on youtube


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