Position in Shape

2D TextureMask - Define how the modifier is applied

Only with Shape layer !
Similar to the Texture Coordinate but in 2D, this mask applies the modification according to the geometry of the shape.
Consider a shape as a path. At the beginning of the path, the masked modifier will have a different value than at the end of the path.
There is different way to follow a shape like a path:
  • Along Edge
  • Along Edge global
  • Distance to Edge
  • X Axis
  • Y Axis
  • Shape index

Note that this mask will treat differently multiple shapes inside a Group of shapes according to their Merger

Along Edge/global:
The modifier will follow the shape from its first point its last one.

Distance to edge
The path is defined from the center of the shape to its Edges

X axis
Follow the shape through X

Y axis
Follow the shape through Y

Shape index Useful in the case you have multiple shapes insides a Group of shapes. The modifiers will be applied depending the position of the shape inside the element tree.


  • Position in Shape Mode: Define the position in shape
  • offset the position in shape
  • Position in Shape Loop Options: does it loop or not ?
  • Pixels (Optional): The mask reach its max value depending a custom pixel value

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