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Simulate a particle system

Particles in Smode are a type of geometry (a 3D generator) consisting only of points. This means you can use any standard geometry modifier on it, instantiate mesh at each point, etc. To create a system of particles, select 3D layer > Particles > Particles Note that you can either create the default particles system by clicking on the Particles command, on directly access to one of the presets by going on the little square on the right of the menu. If you wish to have static points, not subject to physical simulation, use Random Points instead.

The particles generator possess a Cue Transport in which the simulation speed can be freely adjusted.
Here is a little schematic of all menu specific to Particles (for the remaining modifiers you can use on particles, go check the 3D Modifier part of the doc:

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Field - Defines a force-field in 3D space

Particle Rule - Defines the behaviour of particles

Particle Condition - A condition to be met by a particle, used to define their behaviours

Particle Action - Applies an action on a particle to define its behaviour


Mentioned: 3D Modifier, Cue Transport and Random Points.