VR Window Camera

Camera - A specific camera for Off-axis projection rendering

A vr window camera is capable to distort it's matrix depending of a resolution canvas.
a little explanation in picture:
The example below show an example of a vr window camera for Off-axis projection. 3 vr window cameras placed inside internal Processor This section describes how to configure Smode processors in order to configure your output(s) and also make some nice and smooth stage pre-visualisations Read More with a Link To Tracker Placement relative to tracker Read More placement type.
The 3D Channel A 3D Space that will be casted inside your stage elements Read More is therefore filmed and distorted relatively to the position of the tracker in every led screens.

The distorsion matrix is setted through the variable window rectangle
By default the camera take it's main element as reference for distorsion. This option is defined by "From Context"
But you can pick another element in the list.

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