Defines a force-field in 3D space

A field represents forces in space that can be applied to a particles system. A classic example of field could be the gravity field, to make the particles fall.
Here is a small tutorial helping you to quickly create fire effect using a simple particles system and only fields :

No field



Attractor with moving position


Friction augmenting over a turbulence field



Normal Map Layer Field




Parameters to all Fields

  • Intensity (Percentage) : The intensity of the field
  • Masks (List of 3D Masks) : A field can be masked with one (or more) 3D mask(s) to modulate its strength in space


Gravity - Apply a directional force to particles

Friction - Slow particles down

Attractor - Attract particles to a point in space

Vortex - Apply a tornado motion to particles

Turbulence - Apply a random motion to particles

Layer Intensity - Field where particles move toward a certain color in a 2D layer

Normal Map Layer - Field based on a Normal Map

Lorenz Attractor - A field using the Lorenz strange attractor

Shader Field - Code your own particle field

Tracking System - Use a stage Tracking System To visualize tracked points using a tracking device Read More trackers as attractors