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2D Modifier - Control the contrast of an image by adjusting it tonality

Control the contrast of an image by adjusting it tonality, using the 3 following parameters.
Exposure is primarily used with HDR images.


  • Exposure Exposure of the exposure. Allows to lighten the highlights, leaving the shadows unaffected.
  • Offset Offset of the exposure. Darkens the shadows and mid-tones, leaving the highlights unaffected.
  • Gamma Gamma of the exposure. Adjusts the image gamma, accordingly to a power function (complementary parameter of the exposure).


Advanced Presets: Add Contrast, Add Contrast-, Add contrast +, Burn Image and Master.


3D: Environment Light.compo and NEW - Import FBX multi-material objects.compo.


In same group: Temperature, Vibrance, Color Balance, Grayscale, Invert, Tritone, Red Green Blue, Brightness Contrast Gamma and Hue Saturation Luminance.