Quick Start Panel

Once Smode is launched, you will see the Quick Start panel:
The quick start panel enables to easily browse among examples documents. Those documents can be opened with a simple double click on their thumbnails.
There are different kind of examples:
  • Compositions are rectangular animated video contents that have a single resolution. Those are the basic units for creating and compositing content in Smode.
  • Projects are not available with Smode Demo version, they are full examples with:
    • -A Setup that defines a pipeline of Video Processors among which led screens, video projectors, mappers and so on.
    • -Scene documents that are “multi-channel” animated video contents, in which every layer can be redirected to one or multiple video processors of the setup. Those are the basic units for creating the scenes of your show diffused by video projectors and/or led screens.
These are example compos:
  • Particles examples illustrates physically based 3D animating points techniques.
  • Scenery examples illustrates advanced 3D modeling techniques.
  • Motion design and VJing examples illustrates 3D procedural techniques.
  • Miscellaneous examples illustrate unclassifiable tools and artistic research.

These are the example projects:
  • Led Screens Setup : a simple project with three led screens mixing different pitches.
  • Two Projectors Setup : a simple project with two overlapping video projectors.
  • Amici 2015 Floor Setup : an advanced video mapping project with twelve video projectors, dynamic 3D video mapping and soft edges.