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Compo - This section describes how to configure Smode processors in order to configure your output(s) and also make some nice and smooth stage pre-visualisations

This feature is only available in Smode Station.

The processor compositing rules are the same as in a regular composition, the only thing that differ is that inside a Processor you can use Pipeline Layer to create pixel map outputs as well as control monitors or advanced stage pre-visualizations
The main purpose of the processor compositions is to enable the use of Pipeline Layer, so to take each step of the project setup into one processor. To create a Pipeline Layer, just go inside of a processor composition and do a right click -> Pipeline layers, as showed on the image below :



Standard Presets: Color Lux previsualisation and Stage Previsualisation.


Stage-related layers:

Stage Preview - Renders the stage in Preview mode

Stage Simulation - Renders the stage in Simulation mode

Stage Lights - Add the lights coming from the Stage to the current Processor


Soft Edge - Used for video mapping

Pipeline Layer - Use pipeline steps to inject them inside a Processor


Mentioned: 2D Placement, Compo, Content Area, Content Map, Mapper Item Renderer, Pipeline Layer, Video Projector and Viewport.