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Video Output Device

Device - Video Output Device are device allowing to send video stream out of Smode

Common Video Output Device represent screens arranged on the OS desktop, but can also be output texture or network stream.
To configure a video output, go inside preferences (F11) and select the video output here.
Now apply the changes and eventually reopen preferences in order to have access to the full parameters of the output :

It is here that you will any kind of output, such as Configure Spout
You can also directly choose here on which screen you want your output to be :

You can also check Configure the Video Output for further details of the process.
In order to be working video outputs need to be enabled with the Enable Output button.
Use the [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Alt]+[W] shortcut in order to disable video outputs, in case you did wrongly configure them.


  • Signal Monitor This allow to display a custom kind of test pattern over the video output device this also allow to freeze the output picture This can be useful when content modification must be done without modifying diffused content. This is also available with the Pause button of the main Smode toolbar.
  • Fit Mode Fitting mode of the document content in the video output device
  • Fit Position Fitting position of the document content in thevideo output device
  • Resolution Resolution of the video output device in pixels
  • Gamma Value Gamma curve exponent of the video output device


Standard Output - Configure a standard output. This is the one to use for displaying output on a second monitor

Spout Output - Send video stream to Spout (check : Configure Spout)

Syphon Output - Send video stream through Syphon

DMX Output - Legacy DMX screens system

NDI Output - Send video output into NDI


Mentioned: Configure Spout, Configure the Video Output and Enable Output.