Conflict with Anti-Virus

If Smode doesn't start or your Anti-Virus complains about Smode installer containing a Trojan, be sure to update your anti-virus and its virus signature database.
After that, try to run Smode or Smode installer again.
At SmodeTech we take security very seriously.
Smode's installer was tested on and passed the 60 anti-virus tests.
Your anti-virus may not be in the VirusTotal list.
You can inform us via our website's contact form which kind of anti-virus are problematic with Smode.
You should avoid the deactivation of your anti-virus at all costs.
Only disable it at last resort, with the grant of your system administrator.
If the problem remains after updating your anti-virus and its signature database, you may be in presence of a corrupted Smode installer.
There are two types of installer corruption possible:
- your anti-virus found a false positive and may unsuccessfully try to disinfect the installer.
- a real virus on your network or computer tried to infect the installer.
To check if your downloaded file is the same as ours, you can use the following procedure:
Right click on your downloaded file, and select the property menu.
Go to the digital signature tab and click on the detail button,
if in the general tab you can read "This digital Signature is OK",
it means that the file is unmodified and correct.
Otherwise, if a message is displayed saying "This digital Signature is not valid",
it means that this file has been modified and is not the same as our original version.
Try to download it again until you get a digitally signed installer.
Note that anti-virus' software can have non negligible costs in term of disk access performance.

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