Color Modifiers

Change pixels color

Theses modifiers do not make any other transformations on pixels than changing their color.
Using color modifiers over the map of a Layer mask can be a powerful combo for color adjustments.
Here is an example in which I'll try to change the sky color only using a Tritone masked with a Color mask. This is how you do a selective color correction in Smode (for the time being):


Standard Color Modifiers:

Temperature - Change each color channel given a percentage

Vibrance - Discriminative saturation

Color Balance - Do a color balance discriminating Shadow Midtones Highlight Tones

Exposure - Control the contrast of an image by adjusting it tonality

Grayscale - Turn an image black and white

Invert - Turn your image negative

Tritone - Change image tonality given a simple 3 colors gradient.

Red Green Blue - Change the intensity of a given color channel (R, G, B)

Brightness Contrast Gamma - Change the brightness, contrast and gamma of a layer

Hue Saturation Luminance - Fly through color space

Color Modifiers based on Functions:

Color Function - Apply a function independently on RGBA channels

Colorize - Re-colorize an image by applying a color gradient

Color Modifiers based on files:

Color Lookup Table - Modify colors using a Color Lookup Table file

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