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Relight on a mapped object with 3D simulation

Quick Video Tutorial

This feature is only available in Smode Station.
Here you'll see from a project of the example pack how to relight the mapped object with a geometry of itself using a 3D Camera Mapping step by step:

00:17 - Reveal the project inside the Files Panel to find the 3D File used on the project.

00:22 - Drag and drop the 3D File used for the mapping inside of Show and put that into a composition (CTRL+SHIFT+C). Remember the resolution / ratio you give to this comp

00:36 - Create a 3D Camera Mapping with a perspective Standard Camera. As you see, once a composition with a 3D object is targeted to a 3D Camera Mapping, Smode will automatically get back the mapping camera position, which allow to have a matching space.
Only thing to do in this case is place the model exactly as it is inside of the stage (as it was moved inside the stage) and tune the ratio. For that we'll used the copy/paste from the Parameters Editor.
For this procedure, all this is necessary:
The Compo inside the Show shall have the same resolution than the 3D Camera Mapping.
The Compo inside the Show shall have the same 3D model as the one present in the stage simulation. The two 3D spaces must match.

02:36 - Then at last, we put a Directional Light into the composition and set it's shadow right to have fine shadow samples.

The final result here is not the most beautiful of the world but now from this example you can texture the object apply deformations and everything else you want to do like a boss and in real time : Watch directly on youtube Smode 7.7 Tutorial # 34


Mentioned: 3D Camera Mapping, 3D File, Directional Light, Files Panel, Parameters Editor, Show and Standard Camera.