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A linear or non-linear animation

It is time to bring some more life to your compos ! This can be done thought parameters binding (see Link and Link Modifier, Exposed Parameter) or through animation (timeline, cues). To address complex scenarios, these two techniques can be mixed together.
It is recommended that you read about banks before animating or automating your compos.
Here we will review some of the Animations User Interface Properties : You can also check the Function Editor for further informations.


Animation Bank - Where all your cues are stored

Timeline - Timelines specificity is to play, cut and edit video layers easily, and to animate layers and their parameters

Break Points and Time markers - Put control points all over your Timelines

Function Cue - An animation bloc defined by a Function

Cue List - Add cues one after another to encode your Show

Track - Animation track of an element / parameter inside the Loading editor or the Function Editor

Track Block - Animate video Transport inside a Loading

Cue Transport - Playing parameters, position and length of the Loading

Transport - Thing that can be played out of a Loading or Loading and that doesn't need to be inside an Loading

Standalone Player - Is used to play either video layers or generative layers such as Noise layer or Droste or the marvellous Video File