Xr-Broadcast 3D content in the screen

Use your LED screens as windows opened on a 3D world

The main objective of this step is to diffuse our 3D content in each of our screens according to a mapping method allowing to consider them as an opening on a virtual world.

Create your 3D environment

Create a 3D Channel in the pipeline and add 2 sub-channel to it called " Back " and " front "

  • Back : Will be the 3D Channel used for every elements that will be seen as being behind the actors
  • Front : Will be the 3D Channel which will appear in front of the actors
, 3D Scene, 3D Channel reference Then, Drag and Drop your channel3d inside each Led processor and select the sub-channel "Back"
Go in the Content Tab and create a 3D Scene. Add some 3D layers inside and target the 3D Channel
You can visualize your 3D content directly in the stage thanks the checkbox at the bottom right of the interface. if have create a Environment Light and a Box in your 3D Scene, you should see something like that:

Broadcast 3D in the screens

We need to distort the content cast inside each led screens depending of the point of view of our tracked cameras.
To do that, we will create a VR Window Camera in each internal processor of our LED screen
A Vr Window camera work with off-axis, as explained below: First, create a VR Window Camera in each Led processors that will be Link To Tracker.

Select your the tracker in the list and your camera will be placed at the same position. Let the window rectangle parameter of the Vr window camera setted as From context.

It's time to go to the next step: Extended and augmented reality for XR studio

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