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A reference in the


since 2007

Powering 80% of tours in France

Born in France in 2007, Smode gradually became the tool of choice for operators & artistic directors.

and all around the world

The international community is now over 8000 Smoders with officials partners in all continents.

Merge CG & set design

Bring your media production workflow to a next level.
Create beautiful association and interaction between post-fx and TV sets.

On air graphics + déco plateau + virtual world (XR) tout en 1. pour les graphistes.
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Turn any game into a show

Adapt the visual to the event

Create realtime Scoring compositings and any other events happening on the field, that can be triggered by a single operator or directly by the referees.

The show is no longer only on the field

Smode brings all the technologies from the show industry.

Make Art with Light
Smode is the ideal tool for interactive light installations.
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