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Size may vary. Not quality.

Smode Designer offers the same features to everyone, be it an interactive installation in a museum or a giant concert arena. The only difference is size: some will use larger resolutions, others will need many data inputs. Input/Output channels let everyone use the best software in the industry with maximum flexibility. Pay only for what you need!

When time has come to play your show, you can remove as many input and output watermarks as you need, for one month or more. And to offer maximum flexibility, you are not tied to a particular combination. The same channel can be reused at every step of your workflow: VR previsualisation during creation, video export before the show, video input during the show… what counts is the maximum number of simultaneous channels.

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Feature Number of I/O channels
Full HD Video Projector or LED screen 1
4K Video Projector or LED screen 4
Full HD NDI Output 1
Full HD video input (any type) 1
4K video input (any type) 4
Oculus Preview 2
8K video export 2
Unlimited video export 4
8x512 DMX/sACN/Art-NET output values 1