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Become a Smode Designer power user. From your home laptop.

At Smode Tech, we are all about speed. We created Smode Academy to help anyone reach professional-level skills, as fast as possible. And we mean anyone: we are proud to present Smode Academy Servers, the first-ever cloud offering in the media server industry.

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A kind reminder before we move on with the FAQ:
  • The following FAQ acts as the terms of use of the Smode Academy Servers, that are currently in beta and are subject to change in the near future.
  • Smode Academy Servers is a brand new service that we are releasing earlier than expected, due to the ongoing events.
  • Some aspects of the service are not finalized yet and we might need actions from the users until we have automated them. So please read carefully the dos and dont's section below.
  • The service will start sometime between Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th of March. Until then, it is pre-sold with 20% discount. We'll carefully listen to your feedback and will do our best to make your experience optimal. In case of any trouble or if you have improvement suggestions, please drop us an email at
What are the specs of the server?
  • The Smode Academy Servers configuration is designed to follow along the Smode Academy courses:
  • 8 Cores / 32GB RAM / Nvidia T4 (like Quadro RTX 5000) / 225 GB of temporary NVME SSD storage with 2000 Mb/s / 100GB OS SSD with 100 MB/s SSD
  • it also contains access to all training material related to Smode Academy
Dos and don'ts
  • Please change the windows user password once you are logged in.
  • We will not be responsible for any data loss on the academy server. The purpose of these servers is learning. Please contact us if you want to create a production environment. There are much more powerful machines available.
  • Treat the server like your own hardware. You have full system access which means if you destroy your Windows operating system you will be responsible.
How is time calculated?
  • You can monitor your time consumption anytime, in the portal.
  • You are charged by the hour, with each started hour being due. It means that you will be charged 2 hours if your session lasts 1 hour and 1 minute.
  • The timer stops when the server is switched off. If you leave your server on, you will be charged as if you were using it.
  • A reboot will not affect the underlying usage counter.
I cannot find my projects when I log in!
  • NVME storage is temporay. This means after you shutdown the server all data on this drive will be deleted: don't forget to save your data before shutting down.
What are the limits?
    • Your account is valid for a certain number of days after the first activation. After this, you will need to purchase more hours or your data will be deleted.
    • There is a limit of data upload from the Server to the outside world. This means for example downloading your project data from the server to your machine.
The limits depend on the number of hours purchased I want to buy more than 50 hours!
  • Glad to hear it! please contact us at for discounts.