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Meet the Smode users!

Discover and get inspired by Smode Users.

Episode #01: Etienne De Crecy - Space Echo Tour

SmodeTech Release First Video of Smode User Series Featuring French EDM Pioneer Étienne de Crécy ...

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Smode Academy Guest #1: Albin Rosa - The Generator

Professional testimony and HDR Workflows in Smode Today a special guest in the Smode Academy Albin ROSA

Smode Academy Guest #2: Loic Choquer - The Smooth Operator

How to Connect the GrandMA light console and Smode with a special guest in the Smode Academy

Smode Academy Guest #3: Jordi Masso - The Dominator

Dome Content Creation with Jordi MASSO from EYESBERG

Smode Academy Guest #4: Anthony Toraldo - The Pixel Gladiator

SMODE at the Paris La Défense Arena Stadium with Anthony TORALDO

Smode Academy Guest #5: Julien De Loor - Dr Shaders

Shaders in Smode with Julien De Loor aka Dr Shader

Smode Academy Guest #6: Chris Marques

Smode from an artistic director perspective Chris Marques

Smode Academy Guest #7: Martin Hance - The Experimenter

Approaches of Martin Hance to live audio-visual performances with Smode

Smode Academy Guest #8: Romain Labat - El Professor

CueList, 2D Mapping, Live Input (Concert Setup) with Romain Labat

Smode Academy Guest #9: Jordi Masso & José Vaalina

Setup of A dome mapping in Smode with Jordi Masso Smode Challenge - Dome Content creation with José Vaaliña

Smode Academy Guest #10: Lightbulbs

Audio visual performances approaches - Lightbulbs Show Erwan TEHEL and Quentin BRARD

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