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ENCODE & Simulate

Design & imagine the show of your dreams thanks Smode Designer.

  • Import your media or create compositions with a direct view of your stage.
  • Prevent Video mapping overlap and  pixel gap with accuracy.
  • Discover 3D LED volume mapping: A features that allow you to turn on/off & dim led thanks a 3D object.

Show Encoding

Import 3D models for any kind of purposes:
  • LED screens
  • Video projections surfaces
  • Dome
  • LED structure

Import and transcode MEDIAS
  • HAP video file (import & transcode)
  • Image sequence (import and transcode)
  • Multitarget Video Export

  • MTC bindable Timelines
  • Cuelist
  • Timemarkers
  • indepedant loops

Take control:
  • Fixtures GrandMA or any LightDesk
  • Midi, OSC, UDP.

Any kind of video input:
  • DirectShow
  • Spout
  • Unreal
  • NDI
  • DeltaCast
  • Datapath
  • ASPhoenix
  • BlackMagic

Tracking Devices:
  • Optitrack
  • Blacktrax
  • Augmenta
  • Trackmen - Stype

never stop compositing

Compositings features are available all along the pipeline. Apply color correction or any other visual modification at any step of the broadcast, directly on the media, or at the end of the chain.

Stage simulation works such as a composition. Simply get your stage back and start enlighting it with additionnal spot, add the audience, floors or any other layers and effects you want !

Stage Simulation

  • Use every compositings features to enhance your stage simulation by adding post-fx on it.
  • Prevent video-mapping overlap thanks the lighting simulation.

Surprise the audience

And not the encoders.

  • Prevent videomapping overlap
  • Do soft edges and masks before being on stage
  • Use a stage element as mask.

Immersive simulation


Content creators and encoders finally meets!

Smode offers the possibility for content creators and encoders to works on a single software at the same time, using the SmodeNET features. Some can work on content when others can go forward on stage setup.

Go further:

Use .vwf calibration file to calibrate your video-projection


Anyone can pre-encode the TC for media, colors and other contents thanks CSV

Create Spout or NDI Video output and retrieve your stage in WYSIWYG. Work with the lighting team in Realtime

Use Timemarkers to trig events like:

Play/Pause medias
Go to a specific TC
Emits particles


What Devices can i use ?

Some need to unlock IO Channels to remove the watermark.

Check the table below for more informations

IO channel required

SDI - DeltaCast

IO channel required

DMX / ARTNET / sACN-1U (512ch)

IO channel required

VR (Rift / S)

Direct Sound