Smode Designer License

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Deliver world-class live experiences. On-time.

Smode Designer is the end-to-end toolchain for live professionals.

It integrates seamlessly content creation, stage simulation, and playback, achieving real-time performance at every step of the process.

Unleash your creativity and watch it unfold live on stage: don’t let rendering times get in the way of the perfect show.

Important: Smode Designer is locked by a Wibu CodeMeter dongle. You might already own one, for instance if you already use Notch, Touch Designer, or a similar tool.



How is Smode Designer license stored?
  • Smode Designer license is stored on a Wibu CodeMeter dongle that looks like this:
  • If you use similar tools (Notch, Touch Designer, etc.), you might already have one. If you order a license without a dongle, we will search for an pre-existing Wibu CodeMeter dongle in our customer database, and we will generate a license update for it. If we can't find your one or in case of ambiguity, we'll drop you an email to ask.
What's new in Smode Designer? With this big merge of all our previous products, you can now:
  • Create your own stage, simulate video projectors, LED structures, architectural & complex mapping,
  • Synchronize with timecode, make cue lists, control with DMX ligting consoles,
  • Interact via position tracking protocol such as BlackTrax, OptiTrack, PosiStageNet or Augmenta,
  • Remote control other instances of Smode Designer via the Smode-NET
  • And of course, you can import all your previous compos and projects in Smode Designer
What are the usage limits of Smode Designer?
  • Smode Designer video inputs and outputs, as well as DMX/Art-Net/sACN outputs are watermarked, so that you can prototype your show in real conditions until last minute. When you are ready for playback, you need to buy I/O channels unlocks, for as many inputs and outputs as you need.