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Meet us every day from Monday to Friday at 10:30am +1 (Paris Time) for live streamings on our Youtube Channel.

All lives will remain freely available in replays.

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Smode Academy – Fundamentals


We will welcome you at the Smode Academy and make some major announcements!

Francis MAES, Erwan TEHEL, Basile ROUAULT, Laurent MEYER & Alexandre BUGE.

23/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)


Discover who uses Smode, why and how.

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL.

24/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)


A gentle introduction to 2D compos in Smode.

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL.

24/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)

Create your first PROJECT

Start a new project, understand how to organize it, how the stage and the element of the pipeline works.

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL.

26/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)


What is Smode in the Cloud, Use casse and who it work.

Francis MAES, Basile ROUAULT &Jochri MICHEL

27/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)


How to properly import 3D models into Smode and have a beautiful 3D render.

Erwan TEHEL & Basile ROUAULT.

28/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)

Animations, Parameters & Links
Everything you need to know for making animation and control your visuals in Real-time

Erwan TEHEL & Basile ROUAULT .

01/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Become a Timeline master
Timeline, MainTimeline, Curves, etc...

Erwan TEHEL & Basile ROUAULT

06/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Modifier & Mask Stacks
Common things between Texture, Geometry and Shape layers

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL

07/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Smode Academy – Pro Designers

Zoom on Shapes layers Generator and Modifier

Erwan Tehel & Basile ROUAULT.

14/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Advanced Particles
Fields, Rules, Actions, Collisions, other renderers

Erwan TEHEL & Francis MAES.

28/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Introducing Laser with Mindbuffer
Introducing Laser into Smode. First support of the EtherDream DAC

Joshua Batty & Mitchell Nordine & Francis Maes

20/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Smode Academy – Pro Encoders

Video Mapping Project

Introduction for starting a video mapping project

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL.

31/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)

Led fixtures & Volume Layers
How to manage Leds fixtures and use the Volume layer in Smode

Basile ROUAULT & Francis MAES

09/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Processors inside Video Projector, Processor for 2D mapping and Previsualisation 2D & 3D

Basile ROUAULT & Francis MAES

15/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

CAD To Project, Episode 1
Take some CAD file and convert it for using inside Smode

Basile Rouault & Francis Maes

13/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

CAD To Project, Episode 2
Finishing the pipeline with the CAD file. Creating the Led output processor and a Simulation Preview

Basile Rouault & Erwan Tehel

18/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Introducing Mixed Reality in Smode

Francis Maes & Basile Rouault

15/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Smode Academy – GUEST

Albin Rosa - HDR Workflows
Professional testimony and HDR Workflows in Smode

Albin ROSA & Francis MAES

02/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Loic Choquer - GrandMA & Smode
GrandMA light console and Smode

Loic CHOQUER & Francis MAES

03/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Jordi MASSO - Domes with Smode 1/2
Become a Dome master with Jordi MASSO

Francis MAES & Jordi MASSO

08/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Anthony Toraldo - Stadium workflow
Meet one of the best Smode operator who will explain the massive setup of the "Paris La Défense Arena" Stadium.

Anthony Toraldo & Francis MAES.

10/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Julien Deloor - Shaders Coding
Shaders in Smode with Julien De Loor aka Dr Shader

Julien De Loor & Francis MAES

15/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Chris Marques
Smode from an artistic director perspective Chris Marques

Chris MARQUES & Francis MAES.

17/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Martin HANCE - Audio-visual performances workflow
Approaches to live audio-visual performances

Martin HANCE & Francis MAES.

20/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Romain Labat - Concerts workflow
CueList, 2D Mapping, Live Input (Concert Setup)

Romain Labat & Francis MAES.

22/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Domes with Smode 2/2
Setup of a Dome mapping in Smode
Smode Challenge - Dome Content creation

Jordi MASSO & José VAANILLA & Francis MAES.

24/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Lightbulbs Show
Audio visual performances approaches

Erwan TEHEL & Quentin BRARD

29/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Smode welcomes Notch
Announcement of Notch x Smode

Matt Swoboda & Francis Maes

04/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Lê Thanh Tùng - Covid Art
Lê Thanh Tùng from The Box Collective present is work on Smode

Lê Thanh Tùng & Francis Maes

06/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Jesse James - Visuals experiments
Interacting with visuals experiments in Smode

Jesse James & Francis Maes

11/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

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