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Create a mountain from a displacement map

Create some Pillars

Select your current project and create a new comp (File>New Standalone Compo) or Ctrl+N. In the dialog box, check Create Camera. Your composition will automatically been seen as "Untitled compo" and placed under "Unsaved Documents", use File>Save or Ctrl+S to save your composition where you want.

Now inside the smode tree on the right, Right click>mesh>cylinder>PillarsI.

This will create this structure and if you now expand the tree under the newly created "PillarsI" cylinder you'll see how it's made :

- First the place modifier is set to act only on the radius of the cylinder and is masked by a vertical texture coordinates function, which basically means that the "Place modifier" will be applied in function of the vertical textures coordinates. The function here is an "Owned Buffer" function type (red arrow below) which allow you to directly draw the function with your mouse either in parameters editor or in Functions editor. Just try drawing another function and you'll see the effect on the pillars.

- Once the cylinder is sculpted with the function, you'll see below the place modifier two repeat modifiers (called Depth and Side). Those are used to multiply the pillars.

Texture on your model

- Select the "surface renderer" of the pillars and turn it into "Metal I" preset (see on the screenshot below)

- Now click on the "UV Reframe" modifier and scale it to 20% to reduce a little bit the texture

Move objects in 3D space hints

This step is not essential to the remainder of the tutorial, it's just to help you comprehend smode interface

Note that you can place every Geometry with the viewport by going in the 3D views pressing theses buttons :

Or directly in the 2D viewport if you pout it in 3D mode 'top right of the viewport) :

Repeat the two first steps with other geometries

Create a Right click>mesh>Box>Moucharabieh I.

And then place it like that :

Create a Right click>mesh>Box>Stairs Angle.

And then place it like that :

Now as we did before :

- Select the "surface renderer" of the pillars and turn it into "Marble II" preset (see on the screenshot below). What a surface renderer preset will do is basically create some components inside the renderer (here a diffuse / normal Bump / specular) and assign them a Gradient / Image / Video. Here the images are from the standard pack seamless textures.

- Now click on the "UV Reframe" modifier and scale it to 50% - 500% or do it as you want. You're a grown up after all.

Place camera for next step

Now select your camera and set it up like that for the remainder of this tutorial.


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