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How to create a nice effect with just a sinus

by Vincent Le Moigne on July 01, 2016.

Length: 30s-5min

Level: Beginner

Smode version: Smode Synth / Studio / Station

Black Background

Start a new comp (Ctrl+N)

Select the main composition on the top of the tree and uncheck "Alpha Layer" to have a black background, it won't change anything, it is just a matter of aesthetics.

Create Particles

Create a particle system with 3D Layers>Points>Particles.

Set the particles system like a boss

Just do as on the pictures ... trust me....

Opacity Sinus

Add a Opacity modifier preset named "Flicker" over the particles Right Click->Modifiers->Attributes->Opacity->Flicker

Little Explanation and conclusion

Now you can disactivate/activate the particles systems to see a nice effect

As you may also see if you take the time to expand the opacity modifier is that this preset is set with a Age vertex mask and that particles opacity will vary between 0% and 100% over it's lifetime following a sinus curve repeated 3 times. Good job old chap, you made it !