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Timeline Editor

Timeline animation editor

If you select an empty Timeline, at first you will see an empty timeline editor.
To start animating a layer or a parameter, the most usual and simple way is to drag and drop it inside of the timeline directly. If you drag and drop a parameter you will have it's value on a single track, if you put a Layer or a Modifier directly, this will result in creating a Track Block:

Another way to do is by putting the view in "Normal" mode (see button circled in green), you should see your new layer in the left part of the editor. You can expand that layer to see its parameters, or its children (just like in the element editor).

There are two kind of tracks you can create in the right part of the timeline editor, each matching a specific type of object.
These can either be Track Block (for layers) [A], or Keyframe Function (for parameters) [B].
To create a track or a keyframe, use CTRL + click. While pressing CTRL, click on the row you wish to animate in the view.

To play a video inside a Timeline, just drag and drop it inside the timeline.
One track is automatically created but by CTRL+Click on the timeline in the video layer's row you can create a new Track Block. By default the track will have the length of the video layer. If you select the track itself, you can set up all kind of it's parameters such as fade-in / fade-out, begin / end , loop, etc...

Note that you can also split a track at the current time with Ctrl+Shift+D :

The timeline editor has three main components, the toolbar, the Element Tree (or animation tree) and the tracks / curves view.

Here is a little video tutorial to show you how to basically animate layers and parameters inside of a timeline.
Here is some shortcuts used in this video (go see next chapter for further informations) :
- Ctrl+Click to create an Track Block
- Alt+Click to automatically create a Fade in / Fade Out on the beginning / end of an Track Block
Watch directly on youtube


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