A Session is a sharing environment of a same project for many Smode engine.

To setup your session you can read the How to Session A Session is a sharing environment of the same project for multiple Smode engines. To render larger resolution or for a Main Read More


  • Label (Text) : Label is the user label of the session, it can be freely modified, this change will impact all the Smode server of the network who have join this session.
    This can be useful if many different session are in the same network. (this to manage different project with different group of computer).
  • Project File (Project File Selector) : Project File is the project shared by all the server of the session.
    Media directory owning the project should have been configured with the same label on all server previously.
  • Servers (List of Session Servers) : This is the list of servers who have join the session, they can be online and can be removed by simple deletion.
  • Master Server (Session Server Selector) : Master server is the server responsible to host the reference version the Project.

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