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Session Server

session server are server known by a Session. If they are on line, their will be impacted by all Session project changes.

This feature is only available in Smode Station.
To configure the session server go into the Network Menu and click on Configure, then expend the Servers node.


  • Host Name (Host Identifier): hostName is the computer name hosting the session server.
  • Address This is the IP address of the computer hosting the session server.
    If your session server computer change its IP or change the adapter who Smode-Net is running, think to delete the old entry.
    Port can be customized to complain with firewall policy or to let more that one session server run on the same computer.
  • Spare of ( Session Server Selector): If not set as "None" Your server Video Output will be added into the Session's Project's Pipeline. If set to another session server of the Session, the session server will be considered as a backup of the targeted session server and their Video Output must be named accordingly to compute the same Pipeline output.
  • Devices (List of Smode Server Device Informations): This is the list of Devices shared by the session server on the Session or on the full network.
    Device sharing allow to Send Clocks or physical devices events to be propagated thru Smode-Net from an session server to another.


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