Keyboard Shortcuts

Set up Smode Shortcuts

Here is a screenshot of what you'll see inside of the preferences:

You can Click on the "+" button to setup a custom shortcut.

Useful shortcuts

Placement shortcuts:
"CRTL+Alt+S" If you want to force an Auto-Save you can use the shortcut even when On-Air

Camera shortcuts

See the Camera A camera filming 3D content Read More documentation.

Timeline shortcuts

see Animation Linear and non-linear animation Read More documentation
Here are the shortcuts inside the function editor:
- J / K : Previous / next key
- Ctrl + Click : Create a key
- Alt + Click : Change Key interpolation
- Ctrl + K : Create key in current time
- Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V : Copy / Paste
- Ctrl+D : Duplicate Keys at the end of the selection (careful with key overlap here)
- Ctrl+A : Select all Keys
- Shift + move (single key): Snap key on grid or on other keys
- Shift + move (multiple selection): Scale group of key
- U : Change view between Curves / Track
- F : Focus view on selection / keys
Here is the shortcuts of blocs manipulations inside Timelines

- M : create a maker

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