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Fixtures Types Bank

Stage Element - A dedicated Bank to store your fixtures

Since Smode 8.5, control and LED mapping have evolved. You can set all the fixtures that make up your scene in a signle bank and arrange them as you see fit. The functioning of the FixtureBank is the same as the Material Bank. Create as many fixtures as you want and call them in one same object.

All the fixtures stored in this bank are then treated as references. A modification on a fixture stored in this bank impacts all the references to it. You can of course create as many FixtureBanks as you need. The main Fixture types you can add are:
Fixture Types bank are also generated when you import a 3D File.
Learn how to Create and import 3D file into LED surface.
Once your stage is designed, you now can associate all the fixtures contained in this bank to an ArtNet device in the "send Through Dmx" parameter. Check the box to send DMX values to each of your Single Fixture.


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