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Smode How To guide for Project creation !

You wanna do it?
You gonna do it.
This section focuses specifically on some of the main and broader applications of Smode mapping pipeline.
As complement, check the general how-to section of the documentation.


Create a 2D warp on a single output part 1 - Content Area Methodology

Create a 2D warp on a single output part 2 - Warp Methodology

Create Soft Edges - Objective : Create Soft Edges for a video projector Output

Relight on a mapped object with 3D simulation - Quick Video Tutorial

Add alpha to a Content Map - Objective : Add transparent Background to content maps

Bind the Master scene Timelines to Timecode - Let timecode Rulz the show

Create a custom shape LED screen - How to create a round (or other shape) screen with LED pitch simulation

Export a video from a project output / processor / content Map -

Create a stage pre-visualization - How to display your stage simulation through an Output and export it as a video

Create a Multi Video-projectors dome with a Vioso calibration - Build a 6 Video-projectors dome setup with Vioso calibration file (

Create a single display project with a Warped output - Objective : Create a project with a single content map and a single output

Create a full multi LED pipeline from scratch - Send content into multiple led screens

Create a full 3D mapping project from scratch - Quick Video Tutorial